Statement of the Ezidi-European Society regarding the film “The Dark Wind” (Kurdish: Reseba)

A few days ago the film “The Dark Wind” was broadcasted for the first time at the International Film Festival of Duhok (Iraqi Kurdistan).
The film deals with the genocide committed against the Ezidis in the Shingal mountains. Shortly after her engagement a young Ezidi girl is kidnapped by the so-called Islamic State (IS) and sexually abused. She’s traumatized. She manages to escape the terrorists. However, the family of her fiancé finds it difficult to accept her since in their eyes she is no longer “pure”. In one of the last scenes of the film even her own father directs a gun at her.

The Ezidi-European Society distances itself from this film. The President of Ezidi-European Society, Seleman Shesho argues: “As if the IS has not already done enough damage, the Kurdish director Hussein Hassan had to paint a completely distorted picture of the Ezidis in Iraqi Kurdistan. The allegation is lacking any basis”.

When the first Ezidi women were freed from IS- captivity, they were declared as “pure” by Bave Shex, the spiritual leader of the Ezidis. Subsequently they were fully integrated in the Ezidi Community and given shelter and psychological support. This treatment is due to the fact that the women were abducted against their will and abused. Not a single woman was expelled from the religious community. Many married afterwards. The Ezidi Spiritual Council, the Lalish-Center as well as important personalities of the Ezidi community as commander Qasim Shesho welcomed the important gesture of the spiritual leader.

Against this background, the Ezidi-European Society calls for a public apology of the director.

Seleman Shesho, President of the Ezidi-European Society

The Ezidi-European Society is a member association of the Kurdish-European Society