PRESS RELEASE 18-08-2017


Yesterday, a van rammed into a crowd in Barcelona.

Several people were killed and many innocent children were injured. The terror group IS confessed to the act.
The Kurdish-European Society (KES) condemns the cowardly deed.The President of KES Kahraman Evsen expresses condolences to the relatives and friends of the killed and to all Spaniards.

Evsen continues: “In the fight against terrorism and violent extremism, we stand firmly on the side of the Spanish people.

We as Kurds in particular can feel the pain and sorrow of our Catalan friends. In Kurdistan, we have been exposed to the terror of extremist groups for years and have made many sacrifices in the fight against the IS. The terrorists have not managed to intimidate us. On the contrary, in Iraq and Syria we were able to successfully repulse them. Together with our Spanish and Catalan friends, we will also defeat the terrorists in Spain. “