25-24 / 06/2019
Esslingen, 24 June 2019
Mayoral elections Istanbul: Kurdish vote decisive

The Kurdish European Society welcomes the victory of the Turkish opposition from the Kemalist nationalist CHP Ekrem Imamoglu. His (re) election in the largest Turkish metropolis of Istanbul marks a turning point for Turkey’s entire policy and could in the long term signal the end of the Erdogan government.

About every fifth Turk lives in Istanbul. With 16 million inhabitants, including nearly 10.6 million registered voters, the mega-city on the Bosporus puts all the other cities of the country in the shade. The election will change the whole country.

KES President Kahraman Evsen: “People are fed up with Erdogan’s phrasemongering, his polarization and his mania of control. They are fed up with the corruption and economic decline of the country. They want a political change in the hope of a better life. “

After the narrow election outcome at the first election in late March 2019, the Kurds in the city decided in favor of Ekrem Imamoglu and effectively saved the Turkish democracy. More Kurds live in the city than in Diyarbakir, the largest city in the Turkish Kurdish region.

KES President Kahraman Evsen: “The Kurds are the kingmakers of choice. They have saved Turkish democracy a bit. Now, both the AKP and CHP must respond to Kurdish demands for political participation, release of prisoners, fresh start to peace negotiations and reconstruction of Kurdish settlements in the southeast of the country. “

In autumn 2016, the then HDP leaders Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ were arrested