On the initiative of Firat Aksak, an information event of the Kurdish-European Society (KES) took place on 17 December 2016 in the Swiss capital Bern. Some 30 participants from all over Switzerland attended the meeting and were eager to learn more about the work and goals of KES. After a short introduction, Firat Aksak gave an emotional speech in which he drew attention to the suffering of the Kurdish people and appealed to unity. He underlined the importance and necessity of a Kurdish state to guarantee peace and freedom for the people living in the Kurdish regions. Then the participants, who have roots in different Kurdish regions introduced themselves and explained why they had attended the meeting.

The President of the Kurdish-European Society Kahraman Evsen presented the aims of the organization, namely advocating democracy and the rule of law in Kurdistan, the right to self-determination for the Kurds and the integration of the Kurdish society in the European diaspora. Above all the topic of a Kurdish state attracted interest among the participants and a lively debate about the living conditions of the Kurds in the diaspora arose as well as the current situation in Turkey.

Also the physical well-being was perfectly taken care for. Firat Aksak and his family had prepared a rich buffet with various goodies.
Many participants were interested in founding a KES branch in Switzerland. Whether the conditions in that regard are met will be decided shortly.
At the end of the event, Kahraman Evsen thanked the participants for their interest in KES. On behalf of KES he also expressed his thanks to Firat Aksak and his family for the excellent organization of the event.