“We say the war, the fighting, the weapons, the operations should stay away from here”

The all-popular Kurdish lawyer Tahir Elçi was shot in the street three years ago on November 28, 2015, at the young age of 49. The chairman of the Diyarbakir Bar had just made a statement to journalists when the shots were fired.

Shortly before his death, he had attracted the displeasure of the Turkish government because he had declared on television that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK was not a terrorist group. He was then threatened with a lawsuit for allegations of propaganda for a terrorist organization. In this context, Elçi had also reported death threats against him.

An request made by the HDP in the Turkish Parliament on November 30, 2015, for the establishment of a commission of inquiry was rejected by AKP and MHP and thus did not find a majority.

Tahir Elçi was born in 1966 in a village in the district of Cizre in the province of Şırnak. He completed his law studies at Dicle University in Diyarbakır and finished in 1991. He was involved in many procedures inside and outside the Kurdish settlement area and represented several clients before the European Court of Human Rights.

He had always worked to end the conflict between Kurds and Turks and was internationally recognized for his commitment to peace. His death has left the Kurds in mourning worldwide.

KES today commemorates the Kurdish peace activist and human rights activist Tahir Elçi.

KES President Kahraman Evsen: “In our hearts he will always live on”.