A delegation from the South Kurdish government (Northern Iraq) visited the European Parliament on 11 July 2017 to discuss the forthcoming referendum on the independence of Kurdistan with Members of Parliament. The delegation consisted of representatives of different political, ethnic and religious groups as well as many ministers and diplomats and was chaired by the President of the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan Masud Barzani. Kahraman Evsen, the President of the Kurdish-European Society (KES), also attended the high-level meeting. In his speech President Barzani underlined the right of the Kurdish people to self-determination and received approval from the parliamentarians. They showed particular gratitude as the Kurds, in the name of civilization, were able to successfully fight against the terrorists of the so-called Islamic state and push them back. The President of KES Kahraman Evsen also briefly spoke with President Barzani on the sidelines of the event, assuring his full support for the referendum. Numerous media representatives from Kurdistan and Europe reported on this important meeting.