On July 21, 2017, the President of the Kurdish-European Society Kahraman Evsen and the President of the Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism Joel Rubinfeld met at the Steigenberger Hotel in Brussels. Mr. Rubinfeld is an active member of the Jewish Society in Belgium and Europe. He has written numerous articles on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and anti-semitism in Europe. For some time he has been interested in the fate of the Kurds. He admires their courageous fight against the terrorists of the IS and supports the Kurdish dream of a state of their own. He sees many parallels between Kurdistan and Israel and is convinced that a secular Kurdish state will be a natural partner of Israel. He will soon travel to the US to form a coalition in support of a Kurdish state. Mr Evsen and Mr Rubinfeld will continue to keep in touch and deepen their cooperation in the future.