Press Release 50/2016
On 28 October 2016 a delegation of the Kurdish-European Society (KES) met with the Lord-Mayor of Essen, Thomas Kufen (CDU). The delegation consisted of Kahraman Evsen, President of the Kurdish-European Society, Barin Alpayci, President of the Kurdish-European Forum (KEF), Seleman Khalaf, President of the Ezidi-European Society (EES) and Daniela Gianonne, Vice-President of the Kurdish-European Lawyers Association (KELS)
Kahraman Evsen, on behalf of the association, thanked Thomas Kufen for his commitment to the refugees in South Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) and the photo exhibition on refugee aid in the city of Essen.
FFinally, the association KES and its member associations presented their goals: integration of the Kurds in Europe, the right to self-determination as well as democracy and rule of law in Kurdistan.
Seleman Khalaf (EES) particularly stressed the situation of the Ezidis, who urgently need help.

In addition, Barin Alpayci (KEF) explained the current situation of the people in Kurdistan and underlined the importance of youth work. Daniela Gianonne, (KELS) addressed refugee questions, of which the city of Essen is directly affected.

Thomas Kufen thanked the visitors and both sides agreed that there are areas where future cooperation between the city of Essen and the KES would be conceivable.