On 13 November 2016 Kahraman Evsen, President of the Kurdish-European Society (KES), met the Ezidi-Kurdish intellectual Yuriy Nabiev in the Russian capital of Moscow. Yuriy Nabiev, born in Georgia, is a nuclear physicist who speaks alongside Georgian and Russian excellent Kurdish and has been involved in political and humanitarian matters for decades.

He is the chairman of the Russian-Kurdish Society in Moscow, which has 12 member associations from all over Russia and among others Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Yuriy Nabiev is co-editor of the Kurdish and Russian-language online newspaper RiaTaza.

The Russian-Kurdish Society is committed to an independent Kurdish state, which is democratically and pluralistically built and protects its minorities.

The organisation maintains excellent relations with the Russian government. It contributed significantly to the fact that the Russian government offered the necessary assistance to the Ezidi refugees after the genocide in Shingal in 2014.

Kahraman Evsen and Yuriy Nabiev discovered many similarities between their two organizations and will work together in the future to establish a Kurdish state which will also be recognized by the international community. Both agreed that in the political decision-making process in Kurdistan, the voice of the diaspora Kurds must also be heard more intensively.