The 3rd Kurdish Film Week of the Association for the Promotion of Ethnic Minorities took place in the lecture hall of the Munich City library from 15.02. 2017 – 19.02.2017. Six films were broadcast under the slogan “Peyam” (Kurdish: message).
A delegation of the Kurdish-European Society (KES) and Kurdish-European Law Society (KELS) led by Kahraman Evsen and Zemfira Dlovani seized the opportunity and met the responsible persons of the association Mehmet Ali Dogan and Adnan Sütcü.
In a pleasant atmosphere, both sides discussed the current topics and activities of the association. The KES delegation learned that the Association for the Promotion of Ethnic Minorities had already existed for more than 20 years and congratulated wholeheartedly. Mr. Dogan and Sütcü were among the co-founders of the only Kurdish association in Munich. The association is an important center for integration, culture and education for Kurds living in Munich and the surrounding area as well as the central contact person of the city of Munich.