On 7 January 2017 Kahraman Evsen President of the Kurdish-European Society (KES) and board member Devran Ölcer visited the Kurdish Institute in Paris. They were received by Melis Kaya, the daughter of the legendary Kurdish artist Ahmet Kaya.

The world-famous Kurdish Institute in Paris is an institution that deals with Kurdish language and culture. The institute has a large library with several thousand books and documents, manuscripts, brochures and magazines.

The institution was founded in 1983 by several Kurdish intellectuals and celebrities such as Yilmaz Güney and Cegerxwîn. The institute is one of the most important Kurdish institutions in Europe. There are several magazines, such as the publication of the Kurmancî, the Bulletin de liaison et d’information (Bulletin of Contact and Information) and the Études Kurdes (Kurdish Studies). Some magazines are in Kurdish and others in French. Most activities of the institute focus on the Kurmanci dialect.

During the informal exchange, both sides presented their respective organizations and agreed after consultations with their internal bodies that they could imagine a concrete form of co-operation. A meeting with the head of the Institute Kendal Nezan will be scheduled shortly.