Opening speech

The President of the Kurdish-European Society Kahraman Evsen welcomes the guests and wishes them a Happy Newroz. Newroz is the Kurdish New Year.

Welcoming speech

The official of the City of Essen in charge of cultural affairs Andreas Bomheuer extends on behalf of the Lord Mayor of the city his greetings to the Kurds and wishes them a Happy Newroz. He stresses the importance of culture for mutual understanding and points out to the open and international social fabric of his city, in which all different communities including the Kurdish have their place.

Address of the Ezidi community

The chairman of the newly founded Central Council of Ezidis in Germany (ZED) Dr Irfan Ortac states that he is honoured to have been invited and given the opportunity to deliver a speech. He refers to atrocities committed against the Ezidis, including by fellow Kurds. He therefore expects more empathy towards the Ezidis and is however ready to seek reconciliation between Muslim and Ezidi Kurds and open a new chapter.

Laudatory speech

The internationally renowned journalist Düzen Tekkal honours in her speech the achievements of General Qasim Shesho and Haydar Shesho for the Ezidi congregation in the fight against IS. She underlines the importance of unity among Ezidis and urges upon them to actively fight for their rights.

Prize ceremony

Kahraman Evsen and Düzen Tekkal hand over the “Dr. Abdul Rahman Khassemlou-Prize” of the Kurdish-European Society to General Shesho. In the absence of Haydar Shesho, Fahim Shesho accepts the Prize on his behalf. In his acceptance speech General Shesho points out that Ezidis and Kurds should unite as one nation under the Kurdish National Flag “Ala Rangin”.

Panel discussion

The President of the Kurdish-European Lawyers Assoction attorney Zemfira Dlovani and the President of the Kurdish-European Forum Barin Alpayci represent the KES-family in pleading for a Kurdish state. Both Dr Burak Çopur, a political scientist and expert on Turkey and Dr Thomas Schmidinger, a political scientist and expert on Kurdish issues believe the time is not right for Kurdish statehood. The journalist of “Neue Ruhr Zeitung” Mr Jan Jessen moderates the highly interesting debate on perspectives for the solution of the Kurdish question.

The Kurdish New Year celebration of the Kurdish-European Society ends with a classical composition by Brahim Shexho, with Julia Parusch on the violin, Bongju Lee on the piano and Revend Shexo on the Oud. The celebration is a huge success and different media such as Rudaw cover it subsequently.