At the invitation of the Kurdish-French Association “Ambition Kurde”, the President of the Kurdish-European Society (KES) Kahraman Evsen and board member Devran Ölcer visited the association in the French capital of Paris on 7 January 2017.

Both organizations presented their respective objectives and projects and quickly came to the conclusion that they are pursuing similar goals, such as the successful integration of the Kurdish community into the European majority societies.

“Ambition Kurde” emphasizes the promotion of young people and supports young Frenchmen with Kurdish roots in successfully mastering school and university studies.
In addition, the French association is also active in humanitarian projects and currently working on building a school in the war-torn city of Kobane in the north of Syria (West Kurdistan).
Both KES and Ambition Kurde wish to engage in dialogue with political parties. However, they want to pursue their work independently of them. After the meeting in Paris, representatives from both sides will recommend to their internal association bodies to work closely together and organize regular meetings.