Speech of the President of the Kurdish-European Society Kahraman Evsen on the occasion of the founding of the Central Council of the Ezidis in Germany on 4 June 2017 in Cologne, Germanny


Dear Mr. Chairman of the Central Council of the Ezidis in Germany,
Dr. Irfan Ortac,
Dear guests,

On behalf of the Kurdish-European Society, I thank you for the invitation. It is a special honor for me to be part of this historic event. I must say, in this hour I am proud. Proud of my Ezidi brothers and sisters, who are now bundling their forces under the umbrella of the Central Council of the Ezidis in Germany. This step was not easy. For this, it took a lot of courage because the Ezidi community is colorful, visions and goals can be different.

However, against the background of the genocide in August 2014 the Ezidi community must speak with one voice. There is no alternative to this and everything must be done so that these tragic events never happen again.

Dear Irfan,

As a Kurd I am ashamed, because a part of the Kurdish armed forces let down the Ezidis in August 2014. I am ashamed because there were 74 massacres against the Ezidis in their long history with Muslim Kurdish involvement. These are historical facts.

However, it was also Muslim Kurds who saved thousands of Ezidis in August 2014 by risking their lives. Among the Kurds, there are many friends of the Ezidis. Our organization of the Kurdish-European Society also sees itself as a friend of the Ezidis. We stand, among other things, for the integration of the Kurdish society and are, therefore, willing to face up to our own intra-Kurdish history. Kurds have often been victims. But we also have dark chapters of our history that we want to open. We cannot reverse the past, but we will fight for a common future as an equal partner.

For us Kurds the Ezidis are an integral part of our identity. I personally cannot imagine Kurdistan without the Ezidis.

With the foundation of the Central Council of the Ezidis in Germany, the Ezidis take their own future into their own hands and will decide on the future of their community. I wish you a good hand dear Irfan.

Great challenges are awaiting you. But I am very confident. You have all the skills, the know-how and the necessary experience to reconcile the different interests and visions under the umbrella of the Central Council of the Ezidis in Germany.

Whenever you need the Kurdish-European Society, we will stand by your side and support you.

Thanks and all the best.