On 12 July 2017 Kahraman Evsen, President of the Kurdish-European Society (KES), took part in a conference in the European Parliament in Brussels. The conference focused on how Shingal could be built in the future. The Ezidi Friendship Group, consisting of parliamentarians from several political groups, had invited. The political scientist Dr Thomas Schmidinger and the Sakharov Prize winner Lamya Aji Bashar were among the speakers.

There was also a meeting of the KES President with MEP Jozef Weidenholzer (Group of Social Democrats in the European Parliament) and a delegation of the Central Council of the Ezidis in Germany, chaired by Dr Irfan Ortac. The activist Dr Mirza Dinnayi, Dr Thomas Schmidinger and Lamya Aji Bashar were also present. Various aspects were addressed, such as how it could be ensured that the Ezidis in Shingal, refugee camps and elsewhere could have a life in peace and security. There was agreement among all parties that the forces should be pooled and the involvement of the European Union strengthened. The President of KES Kahraman Evsen assured his unrestricted support. Further meetings will take place in the future.