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The Kurdish-European Society pursues two goals: On the one hand it wants to promote the cohesion of the Kurdish diaspora in Europe. The Kurdish community is composed of inter alia Sunnis, Shiites, Alevis, Yezidis and Christians, having immigrated to Europe from the Kurdish regions in four different countries (Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria). These immigrants also brought tensions and conflicts to Europe that were caused by ideological and/or religious differences. The Kurdish-European Society is therefore committed to reappraising the recent Kurdish history and helping ensure that future generations in the diaspora learn the right lessons from their history and build a common future.

On the other hand, the Kurdish-European Society wants to contribute to the successful integration of their community into the mainstream society in Europe and convey a deeper understanding of the rich and fascinating Kurdish culture, the political realities of Kurdistan and the large potential for economic relations to decision makers, especially in Germany and Europe. The decades of friendly relationship between the Kurdish community and indigenous Europeans should be strengthened and developed further.

Mutual respect and understanding is the best basis for peaceful coexistence in Europe. Therefore, the Kurdish-European Society supports many Kurdish associations and organizations that develop and foster their own Kurdish culture and combine it with the goal of integration into the European society.

The large number and diversity of associations and societies in many regions and countries in Europe show how much the Kurdish community has already successfully integrated and identifies itself with the mainstream society in many European countries. The Kurdish-European Society with its headquarter in Cologne (Germany) will by no means replace these important initiatives. On the contrary, it aims at complementing the valuable work that’s being done and seeks active cooperation with persons, associations and organizations that share the same vision.

Pursuant to its statute the European-Kurdish Society will organize lectures, seminars, symposia, cultural events and sports events to name but a few. It will establish institutional relations and pursue its goals through publications and active communication work. A major national and eventually European-wide conference with the active involvement of numerous Kurdish-European associations will serve as an exchange with one another in order to formulate common goals.

The Kurdish-European Society will award an annual prize for outstanding service to the Kurdish-European relationship. This award will be named after the famous Kurdish politician Dr. Abdulrahman Ghassemlou.

The Kurdish-European Society wants to make a difference. In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we rely on the knowledge, ideas and commitment of our members and partners. All those that are committed to the Kurdish culture and European identity are welcome to participate.